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BBC launches Copyright Aware

This month the BBC launches Copyright Aware, a website dedicated to raising awareness about copyright and knowing your rights as a creator. 

The website recognises that with the rise of blogs, vlogs and camera phones we create works every day, often without realising, and explains how creators can use copyright as their tool.

Ed Vaizey MP, Minister of State for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries, has endorsed the campaign on social media, saying it "helps to highlight and explain the subject of copyright to all."

Subjects covered include:

What is Copyright?

How it works and who it is for.

Copyright & Permissions

How a single piece of work can contain several layers of copyright.

The Exceptions

The legal exceptions of using copyright.

My Copyright

We create copyright all the time: what can you do with yours?



Wise Up to Copyright


Earlier this year, ALCS launched Wise Up to Copyright,  a 'go-to' guide designed to help people get to grips with protecting their copyright. The new BBC site further highlights the need for all creators to understand their rights and make sure they protect their work.

We will be regularly promoting the 'Wise Up' guide in ALCS News, in the hope that you will share the information with others who might benefit. Remember to follow the owl!

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