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Distribution questions

When is the next distribution of fees?

The next payments will be made on Friday 24 March 2017. Members who are due money in this distribution are likely to receive payment into their bank account on or around this day.

If you don't receive payment then you may be due a payment in the September distribution instead.


These will be sent out at around the same time as your payments are made. You can wait for your statement to arrive by post, alternatively you can log in to the Members' area and request that your statement be emailed to you.


If you've got any questions have a look at the links below to see if we can help to point you in the right direction.

VAT & Finance questions Where the money comes from Updating works informationUpdating personal information

Remember - you can add your new works and any changes in personal information via the Members' area

Contact us with a distribution query

If you have a query you'd like to speak to someone about but aren't sure which department  to ask for, have a look at the list below and either call 020 7264 5700 and dial the appropriate number for that department, or send your query by email to the relevant department. 

Subject of query Department dial email
Personal details changed?
Notification of a writer's estate
Wrong address/ bank details
Question about the works you have or haven't received a payment for? Distribution  2
Question about the amount of money you've received from ALCS? Distribution   2

Questions about the source (type) of income?
Distribution  2

Questions about deductions made?
Membership 1
What types of works are eligible for payment? Distribution   2

Haven't received a statement?
Membership  1
Missing or incorrect work details?


The percentage shares you've been allocated on a work. Distribution   2
How the journal/magazine payments scheme works Distribution  2
Questions about VAT registration, VAT returns and change of VAT rate.  Finance 3
Questions about overseas with-holding tax, how to reclaim tax, tax exeption or tax on the commission or other deductions.  Finance 3


Alternatively email us at or call on 020 7264 5700.


Finance FAQs
Journals/Magazines FAQs 
Books form 
Scripts form 
Journal/ magazines form
Bank details (UK)

Don't forget, the ALCS Handbook has a wealth of information about the way in which the organisation is run.