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22 November 2013

The ALCS AGM 2103

Children’s writer Mal Peet joined fellow ALCS Members yesterday as guest speaker at the third ALCS AGM to be held outside of London at The Grand Hotel in Bristol.

ALCS Chair of the Board Penny Grubb announced another record year for licensing income for ALCS Members.  However, she warned of greater threats to copyright .  Whilst potential threats to our educational licensing income has been staved off in the UK at the present time, there are further concerns on the horizon.  Copyright exceptions for libraries and archives as well as for education are being discussed at the World Intellectual Property Organisation which, if implemented, could have a negative effect on ALCS’s ability to collect royalties on behalf of Members in these areas in the future.

She talked of ALCS’s ongoing work with other writers' organisations to address these threats to copyright including the European Writers' Council and the Society of Audiovisual Authors in Brussels and the International Authors Forum.

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