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The ALCS AGM 2015

ALCS: creativity and copyright

You may already be aware of ALCS's commitment to working with school children to educate them about the connection of creativity and copyright.

To this end, our two writing competitions, the Young Writers Guide to Shakespeare and the CILIP CKG shadowing scheme competition 'The Journey', have come to an end. We are pleased to share with you the winning stories from both competitions.

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  • 10/10/2016

    Join the Fairer Contracts Campaign

    2016 has been the year that authors around the world challenged publishers in their respective countries to consider fairer contracts for authors, in a bid for a more balanced financial deal for writers everywhere.

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  • 30/09/2016

    ALCS supports International Translation Day! Do you know any translators?

    ALCS is holding more than £200,000 for the work of translators who haven't yet joined and to whom we'd be delighted to pay the money they are due.

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  • 30/09/2016

    ALCS sponsors the 10th Bath Children’s Literature Festival

    For a third year, ALCS is delighted to be sponsoring Bath Children’s Literature Festival in early October. Now in its tenth year, the Festival programme is once again jam-packed with well-known children’s authors and illustrators from the UK and abroad including the likes of David Walliams, Liz Pichon and Michael Morpurgo.

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  • 29/09/2016

    ALCS supports OWN IT! book launch at Hackney Empire

    The book launch of Mama Can’t Raise No Man by Robyn Travis got off to an excellent start on Tuesday 27 September when The Bookseller revealed that Hackney Empire had sold 600 tickets for the event. Including sales on the door, 900 tickets overall were sold for the event.

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  • 28/09/2016

    75% fee rise for writers working under PACT TV agreement

    Good news for writers working under the Writers Guild of Great Britain’s (WGGB) PACT Television Agreement who are set to get an increase of 75%.

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  • 21/09/2016

    2016 Educational Writers' Award: This year's judges

    The Society of Authors and the Author’s Licensing & Collecting Society are delighted to announce the judges for the 2016 Educational Writers’ Award, the UK’s only award for educational writing.

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  • 14/09/2016

    ALCS appoints new Chair of the Board

    AuthorsLicensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) is pleased to announce that Childrens Author Tony Bradman has been appointed as Chair of the ALCS Board for a three-year term. 

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  • 14/09/2016

    EU Copyright Proposals

    Today the European Commission announced legislative proposals aimed at modernising copyright rules to allow for greater access to works, particularly across borders via digital networks. The centrepiece of the reforms is a proposal for a Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market. The proposed Directive introduces new mandatory exceptions to copyright for certain activities including digital uses of works for teaching purposes.

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  • 09/09/2016

    E-Lending and the Digital Economy Bill

    ALCS and The Society of Authors are calling for the Digital Economy Bill to be amended to extend Public Lending Right (PLR) to remote offsite ebook lending.

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  • 26/08/2016

    Free is not fair: Australian authors fear "fair use" educational exceptions

    The secondary incomes of Australian authors are under threat after the Productivity Commission made recommendations which could enable the mass copying and re-use of educational material for free. Similar changes to Canadian copyright law in 2012 have severely impacted the incomes of educational authors and rendered licensing schemes inoperable.

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