What we do


Payments to writers

ALCS pays its Members any money we have collected for them (via what we call a distribution) twice a year; these are typically in August/September and in February/March.

How distributions work

ALCS collects money for the use of your works throughout the year and, come August/September or February/March, we consolidate these into one payment and transfer the money to you along with a statement setting out where the fees come from and any deductions/adjustments that have been made. This website gives an indication in the preceding weeks and months as to when the payments are likely to be made.

Who we pay

We pay all types of writers and, because copyright lasts for 70 years after the death of an author, we pay a large number of successors to estates too.

If you’d rather your agent deal with your payments, we can arrange this. 

We also pay writers who live overseas, typically in one of two ways; directly by bank transfer (an IMM payment) or we can pay your local collecting society who will then pass the money on. 

Further information


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“Protecting writers’ current rights, assessing and developing those rights into the future, and collecting writers’ monies and making sure we get them – as a writer, a reader, and a consumer of others’ work, what’s not to like?”

Stella Duffy