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Welcome to the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS)

ALCS makes sure writers are paid what’s due to them when people use their work.

We collect money from all over the world, then pay it to our members. So far we’ve paid a total of £450 million. We also campaign to ensure writers' rights are recognised and rewarded, and teach people what copyright is all about. We have around 90,000 members, and are a not-for-profit organisation. We were started by writers, for writers, and have been going since 1977.

Membership of ALCS costs just £36 and you don't have to pay anything upfront. 



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  • 24/05/2017

    ALCS at 40: Four dedicated decades of campaigning for writers

    Forty years ago, ALCS was born out of a campaign for writers' rights, which led to Public Lending Right (PLR) being formally recognised by government. In the latest edition of ALCS News, we report on how ALCS has lobbied and campaigned on behalf of writers over the past decade.

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  • 24/05/2017

    The ALCS Interview: Janet Anderson

    Last month, Public Lending Right (PLR) was extended to remote e-lending after a long campaign by ALCS and The Society of Authors (SoA). Hear from Janet Anderson, key political adviser to ALCS and the All Party Parliamentary Writers Group (APWG) during the process.

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  • 24/05/2017

    Meet an ALCS member: Bernard Kops

    In the latest of our 40th anniversary profiles of ALCS members, we meet playwright and poet Bernard Kops, an ALCS member from the very beginning, and still working hard in his tenth decade.

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  • 02/05/2017

    Public Lending Right (PLR) has finally been extended to include ebooks

    ALCS has long been lobbying for the extension of PLR to the remote lending of ebooks and audiobooks and new legislation has now received Royal Assent to make this a reality.

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  • 26/04/2017

    ALCS at 40: Small beginnings, big ambitions

    Forty years ago a small group of campaigning writers founded an organisation which now pays out around £30 million a year to its writer members for secondary uses of their works. In a spirit of celebration, we look back at how it all began, drawing on the memories of ALCS founder member and now Honorary President, Maureen Duffy.

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