A Manifesto for Writers and Creators

The UK is proud to have been home to literary giants such as Zadie Smith and Tom Stoppard as well as world-renowned audiovisual writers such as Jesse Armstrong and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. We have a rich literary heritage which we export all around the world.

Our creative industries are key to the economy, and, alongside artists and musicians, writers are their lifeblood across so many genres: from books, to film, TV, stage and computer gaming. For this contribution they deserve to be fairly rewarded.

With the next general election on the horizon, we are preparing to work constructively with any future government to support the creative industries and the individual creators that sustain them. This manifesto suggests proposals to assist the sector’s continued growth and to fairly remunerate the workforce that underpins this economic prosperity in an increasingly digital age.

You can read the manifesto in full here.

You can read a summary of the key points here.


A Manifesto for Writers and Creators across the UK’s Cultural Sector Download