The Smart Fund


The Smart Fund is a scheme that would enable technology manufacturers to work with the cultural industries to pay creators and performers for their work and support the UK’s creative economies.

Manufacturers would pay a small fraction of the value of each device they sell into a fund that is paid out to creators.

The Smart Fund will generate a new avenue of creative investment, paying a return to creators and performers for the use of their works on digital devices, supporting their creative overheads and helping to sustain their creative outputs.

The UK is behind other countries in keeping up with technological developments.

Leading manufacturers are already paying into similar schemes in 45 countries around the world, generating over £900 million a year for creators and performers and many ALCS members already benefit from private copying income from International sources.

The Smart Fund is a collaboration of organisations across sectors. We’re keen to work with colleagues in government, tech and cultural organisations, as well as with policy thought-leaders about this innovative and sustainable option for cultural funding and enabling the public to legally make copies for personal use.

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