About our data policy

Why is ALCS changing its policy?

ALCS has updated its Personal Data and Privacy policy to reflect the requirements of new EU legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (’GDPR’), the terms of which are being incorporated into UK law in a new Data Protection Act. This document briefly summarises the contents of the new policy as it relates to you as an ALCS member.

What are the key points of the policy?

Using your Data

The policy sets out the categories of personal data held by ALCS and how we process it. This data reflects the information provided by members, such as contact, works and banking details but may also include other information, such as correspondence between a member and ALCS. This data is used by ALCS to provide services to members principally in relation to administering their rights (by collecting and paying licence fees) but also to keep them informed of important information relating to these services and also events, such as company meetings.

The policy describes circumstances in which ALCS may share data with third parties. We will not share your data with anyone for marketing purposes but as part of the process of claiming your dues from licensing agencies in the UK and overseas, we do provide details of identities and works to such partner organsations, either directly or through common information systems. In our dealings with other Collective Rights Management Organisations (‘CMOs’) and similar agencies overseas we adopt protocols and security measures governing such data exchanges. The same applies to IT contractors used by ALCS to provide technical support in maintaining and developing our databases.

ALCS also uses the services of third parties to administer certain processes in the most cost-effective and efficient way, for example Electoral Reform Services is granted secure access to members’ contact details to administer the notices and other paperwork for our Annual General Meeting. The other main example of third party access to ALCS data is the instructions we give to our bank to make payments to your accounts, as part of the distribution process, and any subsequent reporting required by the financial regulatory authorities.

Our Rights and Your Rights

The updated policy sets out the legal basis on which ALCS processes your data: this refers to our obligations to you under the terms of your membership agreement and also our duties and responsibilities arising under rules and regulations applicable to all CMOs.

The policy also describes the rights that you have in relation to your personal data held by ALCS. These include accessing your data to ensure it is accurate and, if not, requesting changes and notifying us of any restrictions you wish to make in relation to our use of your data, or even requesting it is removed altogether. In practical terms, the best way to access and manage your data is via the secure accounts provided within the Members Area of our website.

Security of Data

As cyber-attacks become more prevalent and sophisticated, maintaining secure systems and processes is a key organisational challenge and ALCS takes its responsibilities in this regard very seriously. The policy outlines the measures we have in place to protect your data, including the use of encryption technologies, password-protected access and risk assessments, and also describes the processes followed in the event of a data breach. This approach is supported by ongoing awareness and training programmes for ALCS staff to ensure the relevant security policies and protocols are observed.

What do I need to do?

Please take the time to read the policy. We hope that the information it provides will reassure you that ALCS takes its responsibilities regarding your personal data very seriously and we would stress that the adoption of this new policy does not alter the core services we provide to you as a member.

If anything in the policy is unclear or you would like further information regarding ALCS processing of personal data, please contact: The Chief Executive Officer, ALCS Limited, 6th Floor, International House, 1 St Katharine’s Way, London, E1W 1UN, or via email data@alcs.co.uk