ALCS appoints author and technology expert Tom Chatfield as new Chair

ALCS is delighted to announce Dr Tom Chatfield as Chair of ALCS.

Tom is an author and tech philosopher who is interested in improving not only our experiences and understanding of technology but its use in policy, education and engagement. He is the author of ten books published in over 30 languages, most recently How to Think (SAGE Publishing, 2021).

Tom has recently completed a six-year term on the ALCS Board of Directors, where he was instrumental in setting the company strategy for the next five years, took a key role in guiding the technological development of our internal systems and led the creation of our guiding principles around AI. Tom’s knowledge of and enthusiasm for the power of the tech sector, combined with his expertise as an author, make him perfectly placed to guide ALCS at a pivotal point in time when concern is rife about the impact that AI will have on the lives of authors.

Tom succeeds Jo Revill as Chair of ALCS.

Tom said: “With the rise of Generative AI, authors and creators of all kinds are facing unprecedented challenges, uncertainties and opportunities. ALCS has long been a champion of authors’ rights and a passionate advocate for the significance of human creativity, and I am thrilled to be stepping into the role of Chair at this crucial time.”

ALCS CEO, Barbara Hayes said: “I am delighted to be working with Tom in his capacity as Chair.  I have long admired his rigorous approach speaking up for the challenges writers have faced in the digital age and now too his commitment to seeking a fair and just approach for authors as the evolution of digital into the generative AI era is now upon us.  He has already taken a strong lead on the AI discussions at UK, EU and international levels and will be an invaluable asset to ALCS as we develop our own approach to what the future brings and how we protect and promote the rights of our 120,000 writer members going forward”.

Tom took up the role of Chair officially as of 29th July 2023.