ALCS Board Election Results 2021

At the Annual General Meeting on 25th November, the results of the 2021 ALCS election for three Board Directors were announced.

The successfully elected candidates were Joanne Harris, Diane Redmond and Helen Blakeman. Joanne and Diane were re-elected having previously served three-year terms on the Board of Directors. This is the first time Helen has been elected.

The full results of the election, which was run by Civica Election Services, are as follows:

General Post

Joanne Harris 316 Adam Feinstein 64
Greg Walker 171 Tom Cannon 58
Mary Honeyball 147 Terry Gillen 52
Lucy Flannery 143 Dan Kaszeta 49
Isabel Thomas 116 Helen Gavaghan 34
Adam Sisman 111 Martin Stepek 28
Maxim Jakubowski 98 Frank Coles 27
Melissa Addey 90 Susanne Christian 25
Blu Tirohl 89 Fay Sweet 21
Helen Shay 81 Amanda Steel 19
Lorraine Rees 74 Roger Sproston 18
Caramel Quin 65

Two Audiovisual Posts

Diane Redmond 858
Helen Blakeman 642
Paul Powell 488
Sasha Collington 386
Bill Anderson 378
Chris Trengove 186


ALCS would like to thank all the candidates who put themselves forward for the election, and all the members who took the time to vote.