ALCS Board of Directors: Election Process 2018

This year there will be three positions available on the ALCS Board of Directors.

Changes to the ALCS election process in 2018

Following a formal review of the ALCS election process by our Governance Working Party and approved by the ALCS Board, there will be three significant changes to the ALCS election process that members should be aware of:

  1. Members will be sent details about prospective candidates and given information about how to vote with their AGM information pack (as opposed to separately). Voting will take place ahead of the AGM and the successful candidates will be announced at the ALCS AGM on 22 November 2018.
  2. Prospective candidates for the Board election will now need to be nominated/supported by four other ALCS members (ordinary or successor).
  3. One of the positions available will be specifically allocated to a member who writes audiovisual (AV) works. Anyone nominating themselves for this position will need to demonstrate that they have written and had broadcast at least one television, film or radio script in order to take this role. Only candidates with the relevant experience will be put forward.

The two other Board seats are open, as usual, to all types of ALCS members. The Board is looking for people who can see the big picture and think strategically. An ability to read through and quickly assimilate complex information in order to make decisions is a prerequisite on our Board, along with a strong commitment to the Company and its goals.

What’s involved?

With five Board meetings per year as well as various Committee meetings and other events, and with time needed for induction, training and reading emails and papers to keep you up to speed, you must have sufficient time available and the commitment to ensure you carry out your duties to the highest standard. Good interpersonal and communication skills are also vital. Ultimately we’d like every director on the Board to be a positive, dynamic influence on ALCS and its future direction. You will be responsible for significant financial decisions for which you will need to display appropriate stewardship. You will also be an ambassador for the Company in all its activities.

Being an ALCS director carries with it a full load of legal, financial and ethical responsibilities including, importantly, a duty to exercise independent judgment. Previous Board/Committee experience is desirable. ALCS supports equal opportunities in the workplace.

Interested in standing for election?

If you are interested in standing for the AV post or the general posts on the ALCS Board of Directors and would like further information, please contact Owen Atkinson at

Key points

• There are three posts available on the ALCS Board:

  • One will be specifically allocated to an AV writer;
  • Two are general posts open to all types of ALCS member.

• Applicants may choose to stand for either post, as long as they demonstrate the relevant experience for that position. Applicants cannot apply for both positions.

• All applicants will need to provide the details of four other ALCS members who will nominate/support them in their application to stand.


3 September – The nominations process begins. If you’d like to stand for election to the ALCS Board then look out for an email from Electoral Reform Services on behalf of ALCS to tell you what to do.

28 September – The nominations process will close.

15 October – Details about the candidates who are standing for election, how to vote and a timetable for voting will be communicated to members.

22 November – The successful candidates will be announced at the ALCS AGM.