Get ready for the September 2020 distribution

Our next distribution will see just under a third of ALCS members receive their share of approximately £11 million. Now is the time to make sure your ALCS account is up to date, ready for payment on or around 30 September.

The September 2020 distribution predominantly includes payments for retransmissions of audiovisual works, as well as photocopying of books in the education and government sectors in both the UK and overseas. Visual claims will also be paid out, so if you made a claim for visual contributions in 2019, you’ll receive a payment in this distribution. Take a look at our visual contributions FAQs if you have any questions about this.

Around 450 payments failed in the last distribution because of out-of-date account information so, if you’ve recently changed your bank account, it’s essential you update your details with us before 10 September 2020 via your online account.

All online services will be closed from 11 September while we process payments, so make sure you login before then to update your account with any new information.

Want to know where in the world the money comes from? Take a look at the September 2020 distribution sources guide to find out more about the sources of your royalties.


  • Approximately £11 million will be paid out to just under a third of our members.
  • The majority of this money comes from audiovisual sources, so mainly scriptwriters will receive payments.
  • Visual contributions are included in this distribution.


  • 10 September – the final date to tell us about any changes to your bank account to ensure payment
  • 30 September –  the date we’re making payments (please note it can take a few days for payments to arrive, depending on who you bank with)