March 2021 distribution facts and figures

Last month saw a record ALCS distribution, with more members being paid in a single distribution than ever before. Here are a few headline facts and figures.

In our largest distribution to date, we paid over 90,000 members a share of £26.3 million – that’s over 80% of our membership, with 3,102 members receiving a payment for the first time.

Over 20,000 of those who received a payment in this distribution were overseas members. These members received a share of £4.3 million, with £2.5 million of this paid out to our US-based members.

We paid out for a huge range of works in this distribution, with 83,000 members receiving money for a book they’d contributed to, and payments received for over 110,000 books overall.

Over 15,000 members received a payment for their scripts, with the highest earning TV and radio works being Father Brown and The Archers respectively.

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