March 2023 distribution: What you need to know

Next month, ALCS will pay around £31million to our members. Payments should reach UK bank accounts on or around 22 March.

The first distribution of 2023 will take place in March, which will see us provide a record-breaking payment to members. To understand the process and ensure you don’t miss out on any eligible works, we’ll run through everything you need to know.

Make sure your details are correct

The most important thing is to make sure your bank details are correct, so if you’ve recently switched bank account – please make sure you’ve let us know!

As our members’ area has been closed longer than expected, we have extended the deadline for you to update your bank details. You now have until 2 March to do this.

To update your details, login to your online account. If anything on your account doesn’t look right, please let us know.

Nobody knows your work as well as you do, so please check that the works you have been paid for are accurate after you receive your statement from us. If something doesn’t look right, you need to let us know to ensure you receive everything you’re owed.

Members’ area closures

We’re closing the members’ area as of 3 March to carry out the main distribution, however there will be intermittent closures before that date too. The best times to access the members’ area are between 9-5 Monday to Thursday (28 Feb-2 March).

Why is the members’ area closed so frequently?

We know it can be frustrating when you want to access the members’ area only to find that it’s closed.

When we regularly close the members’ area ahead of a distribution, we are looking at the data we have – to make calculations which ensure everyone gets paid as accurately as possible.

There’s a good reason for the closures, but we know that it’s far from ideal and it is something that we’re working on improving, so please bear with us. We try to provide an accurate an idea of how long this will take, and it is a good idea to follow us on Twitter for the most up to date information.

Will you get paid?

If we have collected money for your works, you will receive:

  • An email to let you know your statement is ready to download. This will arrive in your inbox around 20 – 24 March
  • A notification in your ALCS account letting you know there’s a new statement available

If you don’t receive an email and no notification appears in your account, you have not received a payment this time. It’s worth remembering that we receive money from different income streams at different times of the year, so what’s included in each distribution isn’t necessarily the same each year. The March distribution will include payments for articles claims, so journalists, that’s when you’re likely to be paid (if you’ve made an eligible claim).

We’re unable to send out any paper statements to members, so you’ll need to log in to your online account to access yours. If you don’t have an online account, please contact us and we can set up one for you.

New commission rate

This is the first distribution where the new commission rate we charge on payments will come into effect. The ALCS Board made the decision to raise the commission rate from 9.5% to 10%, following a vote to allow the increase at last November’s AGM. You can read more about this decision here.

Dates for your diary

  • 2 March Ensure that your bank account details are correct and the works associated with your account are accurate
  • 22 March The approximate date that you can expect any payments to be made

If you have any questions about the upcoming distribution, please get in touch or read through our list of FAQs.