March 2024 distribution: top facts and figures

Last month, ALCS paid 106,058 members their share of £32,022,112.15. We've put together some statistics you may find interesting.

What was the £32million for? We paid our members for thousands of books and articles and almost three million minutes of TV and radio transmissions.

Most members (80%) receive a payment between £100 and £1,000. 15.9% received a payment between £10 and £100, while 4% received a payment between and £1,000 and £10,000 and 0.1% received a payment over £10,000.

Italian TV broadcasts were one of the biggest sources of income this year. The biggest sources of income were licences from the Copyright Licensing Agency for journals and higher education.

The highest earning TV programme was Hollyoaks, for which we collected £124,685.37.

The highest earning radio programme was The Archers, for which we collected £17,462.43.

You can find a complete list of income sources for the recent distribution here.