Save our Books: Help us to help you

We are asking ALCS members to contact their MPs as part of the Save our Books campaign, which aims to protect the copyright laws which ensure authors retain control over selling their work around the world.

Update 1/09/2021: Please note the period for formal submissions to the IPO for this consultation is closed. We are continuing to monitor the Government’s work on this and are still raising the concerns of authors on this consultation through its next stages.

The UK Government is currently reviewing the law around ‘copyright exhaustion’, which gives writers the right to issue copies of their work to the public. A change to this system could have a detrimental impact on the ability of writers to make a living and control the distribution of their work abroad. This is why we are asking the Government to avoid a radical shift to the exhaustion regime – which would result in a significant negative impact on authors’ earnings – and to maintain the current model.

We’ve joined up with the Association of Authors’ Agents, the Publishers Association and the Society of Authors for a Save our Books campaign, which aims to raise this issue with the Government and encourage them to protect copyright for the sake of UK authors. We are encouraging writers to join this campaign and take action as soon as possible by using our website, where you can input your details and contact your MP using the suggested template.

MPs receive a lot of correspondence, especially during this difficult time, so we suggest personalising the template provided in order to make it as impactful as possible.

Find out more information about the campaign at

Get involved on social media

We would also encourage ALCS members to share your support of the campaign and spread awareness of the issue on social media. Here are a few suggested posts to get you started:

  • If the Government changes the way copyright works in the UK, authors will be the first to lose out. In the book industry, authors have been hardest hit by the pandemic and could lose out even more. Join the campaign to #SaveOurBooks here:
  • National copyright exhaustion rewards authors for publishing their books and makes it possible for them to make international book deals. If the Government changes the way it works, authors’ incomes will suffer. Join the campaign to #SaveOurBooks:
  • Reading in lockdown has kept so many of us going. Can you imagine a world with fewer books for fewer readers? That could happen if the Government changes the copyright regime in a forthcoming consultation. Join the campaign to #SaveOurBooks:
  • If the UK government changes the way copyright works, giant online retailers will benefit while authors and independent booksellers will lose out. Join the campaign to #SaveOurBooks: