September distribution 2023: Top facts and figures

Last month, ALCS paid 29,535 members a share of £13,530,307.53. We've put together some headline statistics.

Our biggest sources of income for this distribution were CLA Schools licenses, retransmission of UK shows in the Netherlands, and UK Education Recording Agency licenses.


Most members received a payment between £10 and £100. The full breakdown was:

£10 to £100: 69.2%
£100 to £1,000: 24.1%
£1,000 to £10,000: 5.9%
More than £10,000: 0.4%


We paid out £329,038.87 to 5,199 member for visual arts claims. If you have any visual contributions to claim for, make sure you add them to your ALCS account before 31 December!


The highest earning TV programme was Midsomer Murders, for which we collected £116,335.74.


The highest earning radio programme was The Archers, for which we collected £18,182.59.

You can find a detailed list of income sources for this distribution here.