September distribution 2021: Top 3 sources of income, plus more facts & figures

In September, ALCS paid 31,819 members a share of over £14 million. Here's a glimpse of our headline statistics.

We paid 31,819 members a share of over £14 million. We know you’re always interested to hear where this money came from. For this distribution, we collected the highest revenues from CLA Schools, Educational AV, and Dutch Cable Retransmission.


More than 28,000 members received payment for their books, and more than 56,000 books earned payment. Maths was the highest-earning subject, followed by Geography, and Women’s History.

Over £2 million was paid out to more than 8,500 of our members who live overseas. More than £1 million went to our US-based members; Australia and France were the following highest-earning overseas countries.


Nearly 5,000 members received payment for their scripts. The Archers was the top earning radio programme; Hollyoaks was the highest earner in TV.


Over 4,000 members received a share of £281,711, thanks to more than 1.5 million images claimed for in nearly 25,000 books, magazines and journals.