Still using email to ask publishers if you can reuse content? Then read on…

Emailing to ask for permission to reuse content is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Securing permission to use quotes and extracts for your book, especially for writers working in research and academia, is now faster and more straightforward, courtesy of enhancements to automated permissions service PLSclear.

This service, endorsed by ALCS, and developed by partner organisation the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS), means authors are spared a burdensome administrative process, which can sometimes even delay publication.

PLSclear, which is completely free for authors to use, captures the essential information which a publisher needs in order to consider permissions requests by guiding you through an easy-to-use interactive form. The system then automatically directs your request straight to the correct contact within the relevant publishing company, providing authors with a quick and easy way to seek permission to reuse content.

As of July 2016, an enhancement to the service now enables you to get instant permission from publishers who are willing to grant free-of-charge licences for certain titles and uses. You can also save requests so you can edit and reuse them, for example if you are seeking multiple permissions for the same book. There is also a brand new function that allows you to see the status of your request, and provide a record of progress to your publisher.

And did we mention that it’s free to use?

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