Update your visual contributions by 31 December

Make sure your list of works registered with ALCS is up to date so you can get paid in September's distribution.

You may have already told us about books you’ve contributed to with words. But if they also include artistic works, such as diagrams, charts, illustrations or photographs created by you, you could be eligible for further payment. The same applies if you contribute visually to magazines or journals.

In our September distribution, 4,051 members received a share of £281,711.54 that we were able to claim for your visual contributions. Please make sure your list of the works to which you have contributed is up to date so you can get paid in our next distribution in March.

Claim now for the visual contributions you’ve made to magazines, books or journals in the ALCS members’ area by 31 December 2021.

To be eligible to claim:

  • You must own the copyright for the images you’re claiming for
  • You cannot also be a member of the DACS payback or Picsel RightShare schemes
  • The images must be in UK titles only

How do you claim?
Simply log in and add the visual contributions you’ve made to the works you already have registered with us, or tell us about the works that you have made visual contributions to.