The ALCS Distribution: March 2018

Next month, ALCS will pay out around £22.6 million to 80,000 members. Payments should reach members’ bank accounts by 21 March. Read on for our guide to this first ALCS Distribution of 2018.


If you are, we will:

  • Send an email to your registered email address to let you know your statement is ready to be downloaded
  • Put a notification in your online account to let you know that a new statement is available for download

If you don’t receive an email and there is no notification in your online account, then you haven’t received a payment this time. The March distribution is one of two ALCS distributions each calendar year. The second annual distribution takes place in September, although it’s worth remembering that the September distribution is the smaller of the two.

We are no longer sending out paper statements to members, so you’ll need to login to your online account to access these. If you don’t have an online account, please contact us and we can set up an online account for you.


Around 600 payments failed in last year’s March distribution because of out of date account information, so if you’ve recently changed your bank account, please let us know by 1 March 2018, either by using your online account or by giving us a call on 020 7264 5700.


  • 1 March – final date to tell us about your new bank account to ensure payment
  • 21 March – payment date

All online services will be closed from 2 March while we process payments.


The March 2018 distribution includes payments for retransmission of audiovisual work, photocopying of books in the education and government sectors in both the UK and overseas, as well as overseas Public Lending Right.

For the first time in this distribution, we will be paying money to members who claimed for their visual works last year. If the source ‘CLAVISART’ shows up on your statement, this payment can be attributed to money collected against visual works that you claimed for.

If you missed the visual claim deadline, keep an eye out for further updates on when the next claims window will open.


Your statement will include a list of sources against each payment. See the MARCH 2018 sources guide to help you understand where the money you are due has come from.


If you are due a payment in this distribution, you will get an email letting you know that you can download your statement.

You will find it in your account in the folder marked ‘2017-2018’ and you can either 1) press to download it or 2)  click to have it emailed to you.

1.  To download your statement in PDF format click on >Request Statement Download

2. When your statement is ready for download, the message will change to >Download Statement

3. Click on >Download Statement and your statement will download (most likely to your computer downloads folder)

4. Alternatively, click the option that emails your statement over to you.


It’s 21 March and you haven’t received a payment or a statement

This means you weren’t due a payment this time. Check again at the time of the next distribution in September 2018.

It’s 21 March and you have had a statement but no money

In the first instance, check which account we have sent your payment to by logging into your online account and checking your payment details. If you have recently updated your account and forgotten to tell us, then get in contact with our membership department, who can advise you on the next steps.

It’s 21 March and you’ve had money but no statement

We will have sent an email to the address currently listed on our database to inform you that your statement is ready to view in your online account. If you have changed email address recently, please contact us and we can update this for you so that you can access ALCS’ online services.

It’s 21 March and you’ve been paid a lot less than usual

There can often be fluctuations in payments, despite some members receiving similar amounts of money over a period of time. Read why there can be fluctuations in payments.

I made a claim for visual contributions last year – will I be paid?

Yes, visual claimants for 2017 will be paid this March. And claims made in the latest period (December 2017 – February 2018) will be paid in September 2018.

Why isn’t my book earning any royalties yet?

Some books may take a while to earn secondary royalties. See why.

Still have a question? Read our FAQs.