The ALCS September Distribution 2016

Wednesday 21st September brings the second of this year's two ALCS Distributions. Read our quick guide to understanding your statement

We make payments twice a year to Members – in September and in March. Depending on whether we’ve  collected any money for your works, you might receive payment in one or both ALCS Distributions in any one  year.

If you are due to be paid in this September’s Distribution (the smaller of our two annual Distributions) then  this payment will be made to your nominated  bank account on Wednesday 21 September. If you do not  receive a payment in September, look out for the next ALCS Distribution in March 2017.


Have you changed your bank account or address?

If you have recently changed your address and/or bank account, make sure you have updated this information with us by Friday 2 September to receive any payments that might be due to you.

How to update your details:

Log in to the Members’ Area
Send us an email


Where are the payments from?

Below is a guide to your September statement to help you work out where your money has come from. If these sources appear on your statement, they represent the area or society from which the money was collected for you.


Guide to terms:

  • AV: Audiovisual.
  • Code No. (in description): this is a four digit reference number specifying the source of payment. Members should quote this if they have a query about their payment.
  • Date (in description): this is the date the payment was received by ALCS.

Sources not listed

There may be other sources that aren’t listed because they’re too small to mention. If you would like to get in  touch about any sources of income on your statement not shown above, or have a general query about the  upcoming distribution, please contact