The Great Copyright Hunt

Working in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, we’ve launched a free competition that is designed to explain how creative ideas are protected by copyright, and challenges children and families to hunt down the famous copyright symbol © at home.

When a piece of work has the © symbol on it, then it means the work is protected by copyright. Your quest is to find the copyright symbol on different types of creative material in your home. Hunt down the famous copyright © on posters, books, newspapers, magazines, online and even on cereal boxes. Record your findings on your Great Copyright Hunt Collector’s Card and send them in to be entered into a prize draw.


The Great Copyright Hunt resource pack includes:

  • An accessible introduction to what copyright means
  • Explanation of your task
  • Your Great Copyright Hunt Collector’s Card
  • A certificate for when you’ve completed the challenge

What are the prizes?

First prize

  • For the winning child: £50 book token
  • For their school: an author visit and books worth £1,000

Second prize

  • For the child: £40 book token
  • For their school: books worth £500

Third prize

  • For the child: £40 book token
  • For their school: books worth £300

10 further runners up

  • Each child will be awarded a £20 book token

How to enter

The competition is open to children aged between 5 and 14.

Entries should be emailed to by 11 September 2020.


You can submit your entry in a variety of ways, these include:

Downloading the Word file Collector’s Card on this page, typing your findings, then emailing the card to

Printing your Collector’s Card from the competition pack or Word file to write on, or even copying the details on to a piece of paper. Once you have written down your findings, scan the card or use a phone to take a photograph of it, then email the image. Make sure the details can be read on the picture before you send it.

Entering the details directly into your email message

Make sure that you record all the details of your findings and your contact information.


Visit to download the Collector’s Card and get involved.