Register your most recent magazine and journal articles to ensure you receive any payment due.

If you’ve written an article for a UK magazine or journal in the past three years, log in to the members’ area to add it onto your account before 30 November 2021 to make sure you receive any payments due. Payments for such articles are made as part of our March distributions.

To be eligible for payment:

  • Articles must have been written since January 2018
  • Articles must have been published in a UK magazine or journal
  • Publications must have a valid ISSN
  • Article information must be manually added by you through the members’ area. If you don’t tell us about your articles, you won’t receive any income.

Have you also contributed a picture or an illustration to a publication?

Don’t forget that if you have also contributed visually (a photo, illustration or diagram) to a publication then you can also claim for those when registering your written contributions. You can find out more information in our Visual Contribution Guidelines


Take a look at our guidelines on Articles and Visuals for more information on what can be included.

For article queries you can contact us at PublishedWorks@alcs.co.uk or for visual queries at Visual@alcs.co.uk

Or alternatively, you can give us a call on (+44) 020 7264 5700.