Update your visual contributions by 31 December 2020

Do the books, magazines and journals you contribute to include artistic works created by you? Add these visual contributions to your account by 31 December 2020 to ensure you’re paid for them.

Claim for the visual contributions you have made to books, magazines and journals in the members’ area of the ALCS website. Simply login and either add the visual contributions you have made to the works you already have registered with ALCS or tell us about the works that you have made visual contributions to.

Eligibility to claim:

  • You must own the copyright for the images you are claiming for
  • You can’t also be a member of the DACS payback scheme
  • You can’t claim for non-UK titles

Check out what types of visuals you can and can’t claim for in our guidelines.

Need some help adding your contributions to your account? Watch our handy video tutorials on how to add visual contributions to your account:


Magazines and journals

Any Questions?

If you’ve got any questions about the scheme, check out our Visual Contributions Scheme Guidelines.

You can also contact us at Visual@alcs.co.uk or on (+44) 020 7264 5700.