Your new-look online account

Some of the changes to your online account

The truth is there is actually nothing particularly new about your online account, but hopefully we’ve made anything that you could do before… well… even better.

  • You can still use your old login details (or your email address instead of your username if you prefer)
  • You can still download your statements, or have them emailed to you.
  • You can see all the works you’ve previously added (and search to see what you’ve added now too).
  • You can filter and sort your works.
  • You can add your new works, and see them straight away, saved on your online account.
  • You can use the royalty search to check that we’ve added all new works to your account.

We’ve also made the website more secure, and hopefully more user-friendly. So we hope you like it.

Before you take a dip inside, feel free to take a look!