Websites and blogs

ALCS is starting to collect information about the websites and blogs that our members own and write for.

We’d like members to give us as much as possible about the content you have written that appears on websites and blogs, to help us develop a clearer picture about the type of content that our members produce and where this appears in order to evaluate possible schemes for payment for secondary use of these types of works in the future.


  • Tell us about any sites that include content on them that you have written and are credited for.
  • Tell us about any sites that you ‘own’ (ie in our case –
  • If you ‘own’ a website (ie you own the domain name for it and are responsible for its content) you have the option to ask for it to be opted-in to the CLA licensing scheme, which now makes provision for online content.
  • Please indicate if the site you are adding and asking to be opted-in is your own. You can only opt-in your own website.
  • Do not use the websites and blogs function to tell us about any content written for online ‘magazines or journals’ that are eligible for our articles scheme. If you have written an article for a UK online journal in the last 3 years (which has an ISSN), you should claim for this using the ‘magazines and journals’ function on our website as usual in order to be paid for it (we are not, as yet, paying members for the websites and blogs they have contributed to). Please do not enter it in both locations.


  • You can use the members’ area to tell us about any websites or blogs you have written for or own.
  • There is a separate ‘tab’ for adding these types of works in the works section
  • When you’re submitting the url, please make sure you include the full url (so include http:// or https://) along with the title of the piece you have written


We are not currently making any payments to members for their contributions to websites and blogs.

We don’t as yet have any agreed way of making payment to members for their website and blog content and we haven’t paid anything out to members for the website and blog content they have written so far.  Our aim is to collect as much information from our members as possible about the online content they write with a view to making payments to our members in future when we know enough to develop appropriate payment methodology.

If you have any further questions about why we are collecting this information, please contact our Operations team, or you can email us at