ALCS supports The Smart Fund

The proposed Smart Fund could generate a huge annual investment for the creative industries and boost a wider economic recovery.

The Smart Fund aims to introduce a one-off levy on digital devices which store content, in order to fund small payments to creators to help them sustain a living.

The Smart Fund has backing from a range of groups, including ALCS, all of which represent the interests of creators and support a successful post-Covid recovery through investment in arts and culture. Over 100 leading cultural figures, from Oscar and BAFTA winners to recipients of the Turner Prize and award-winning writers, have written an open letter supporting the Fund.

These small payments, which would be the equivalent of 1–3% of the sale value of the device, would be paid into a central fund which would be used to:

  • fairly reward creators and performers so they can make a living from their content,
  • fund support aimed at bringing together communities, and putting regions that have been left behind on an equal footing with the rest of the UK
  • project the soft power and brand of Global Britain via a renewed and thriving art and culture sector.

Introduction of the Smart Fund would bring the UK in line with much of the rest of the world. Schemes like The Smart Fund exist and operate successfully in 44 countries worldwide, paying out the equivalent of over £930 million to creators and performers globally in 2018 alone.

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