You can now submit claims for visual contributions in UK books, magazines and journals through your online account.

Members can submit claims for photos, illustrations, charts and diagrams, and unlike the ALCS claims scheme for written contributions to magazines and journals, there is no three-year restriction on claims.

Please note:

  • you must own the copyright for the images you are claiming for,
  • you cannot also be a member of the DACS payback scheme,
  • you cannot claim for non-UK titles or newspapers.

The deadline for claims for visual contributions is 31 December 2018.

If you put in a claim before the deadline of 31 December 2018, payment should be made in the September 2019 distribution.

Submitting your claim

Log in to your online account to submit your claim – watch the short videos below to find out how to claim.

Adding visual contributions to books 

Adding visual contributions to magazines and journals


If you have any questions please see our Visual Contribution Guidelines, get in touch at or call us on 020 7264 5700.