Read on for a breakdown of all the facts and figures from last month's ALCS distribution to Members.

ALCS paid out a record £10.8 million gross to 27,896 members; compared with September 2017, we paid £1 million more to an extra 3,000 people!

The majority – 20,000 members, which is 73% of payees – received between £100 and £10,000. Almost 6,000 members received more than £10,000.

Where are our members?

We don’t just pay to members based in the UK – last month we distributed £1.6 million to more than 6,000 overseas members. The highest amount for an individual country – over £900,000 – was paid to 4,055 members based in the USA.

Where the money came from?

We received £6.7 million from CLA for books, articles and visual arts which made up 62% of the secondary royalties paid out.

 Top three highest earning works

  • Books –The top three books were all maths text books!
  • TV – The top three TV programmes were Hollyoaks, Holby City and Heartbeat
  • Radio – The top three radio programmes were The Archers, Shamed and Speechless

Thanks to everyone who got in touch via email and twitter to thank us for their payments. Please help to spread the word by telling all your writer friends about ALCS!

We have two distributions a year. Our larger distribution is in March, when the majority of members receive their secondary royalties. The September distribution pays royalties to members mainly from audiovisual (AV) and educational sources.