Film the House 2019: open for entries!

The parliamentary-based film competition, Film the House, has now been launched for 2019. We’re delighted to be co-sponsoring this excellent competition once again and encourage all student and independent scriptwriters and filmmakers to get involved.

Film the House provides a fun and creative means by which the UK creative industries can communicate the importance of protecting their intellectual property (IP) rights. It also provides a foundation for Parliamentarians to lobby for the protection of creative works, and for constituents to interact with their local MP, perhaps for the first time.

This year’s competition includes a new category: the Directors UK Best Film Direction award for under and over 16s, which will be judged by industry directors and include prizes provided by Directors UK, the leading professional association of UK screen directors.

Alongside this new prize, this year’s competition will also once again include prizes for:

  • Best Film Script (Under 16/16 and Over)
  • Best Short Film (Under 16/16 and Over)

Film the House is sponsored by Rt Hon Sir Kevin Barron MP (Chair of the All Party Film Group), Lord Tim Clement-Jones (Vice-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Intellectual Property Group), and Rt Hon John Whittingdale OBE MP (Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Writers Group).

Alongside ALCS, sponsors of the competition include: Directors UK, Disney, Lionsgate, Motion Picture Association (MPA), Sky, Viacom and Warner Bros Entertainment.

Supporters of the competition include: Alliance for IP, British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), British Copyright Council (BCC), British Film Institute (BFI), British Screen Advisory Council (BSAC), Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), Educational Recording Agency (ERA), Intellectual Property Organisation (IPO), IntoFilm, Luther Pendragon, the Society of Authors and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

The competition closes on 19 December 2019, so visit to find out more including how to submit your entries. Good luck!