It’s your ALCS, so make your vote count!

On 28 October, voting will open for the 2019 ALCS Board election. We ask all our members to vote to make sure the ALCS Board is as representative of our membership as possible. Last year saw a very low response to the Board election and we need your help to increase the number of votes this time. Current Chair of the Board, Tony Bradman explains why your vote is vital.

“This is your chance to have your say in who runs ALCS; we are run by writers, for writers”, says Tony when asked why members should make sure to cast their vote in this year’s ALCS Board election.

Early next week, ALCS members will receive voting information from Civica Election Services (CES, formerly the Electoral Reform Services) with details on how to vote for both new Board members and AGM agenda items.

“As a writer and an ALCS member, it is vital that you cast your vote for candidates you believe will enhance the Board of ALCS.” Tony asks ALCS members to carefully read each candidate’s statement as it’s “essential when voting to select a Director who represents your interests.” He concluded: “The Board directs the strategy of ALCS, so your vote will help dictate that too.”

Please do take the time to vote. It has never been more important to ensure the ALCS Board is representative of its members. Some of our other current Board members feel very strongly about this too, and they told us why they believe it’s essential that you use your vote:

Voting information will be sent out by Civica Election Services (CES, formerly the Electoral Reform Services) on 28 October. Make sure you add to your safe sender list so you receive all future communications from them.

You can listen to a longer interview with Tony on the subject of the election in the next episode of Writing Matters, the new podcast by ALCS. You can listen to the first episode, and subscribe to future episodes here.

You can also find out more about your most recently elected Board members here, read about what the Board does here and take a look at the key dates for this year’s election here.