Teaching the value of copyright

Copyright exists to protect creators and to ensure they can choose exactly how their work may be used. However, we know that teaching people, especially children, about the importance of copyright can be challenging. So, we’ve produced some new, fun resources to help make it more manageable.

Understanding and communicating copyright

With input from the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE), we have produced booklets for both primary- and secondary-aged children; along with the teachers and librarians who are doing the teaching. Each booklet is filled with information about the value of copyright for creators, as well as fun, engaging activities to get everyone thinking about copyright in a practical, interactive way.

Download the booklet for children.

Download the booklet for young people.

Download the booklet for teachers.

Your Work, Your Choice

As well as booklets that can be shared with students, we’ve also produced a short animation about why important copyright is and what it does for creators. This entertaining, informative film was made to be shown to classes who are learning about the different ways creators can use copyright to ensure they’re fairly remunerated for their work.

Watch and share the short animation.