UK International Radio Drama Festival: Take Part!

The 6th UK International Radio Drama Festival will take place from 23–27 March 2020 in Canterbury, Kent. ALCS is pleased to sponsor an event that helps celebrate the work of radio drama writers.

About the festival

The festival aims to bring diverse work from across the world, introducing a UK audience to the European tradition of radio drama often anchored in soundscape while celebrating our own more text-based tradition. The festival provides a UK audience with the rare pleasure of listening to radio drama in other languages, supported by English language translations of the script. The festival also brings together work from national broadcasters with that of emerging independent producers, and is proud that the major prizes have largely been awarded to this exciting but lesser known work.

Visit the festival

The listening venue is Eastbridge Hospital, 25 High Street, CT1 2BD.

All listening sessions are free and everyone is welcome to attend.

Take part

Whatever the extent of your experience of audio drama, if you can commit to listening to the whole programme during the festival, we would encourage you to sit on the jury and vote for the best audio drama to win! If this is something you’d like to do, contact

To take part in the festival, register on Facebook or Eventbrite.