Writers Digital Payments

Since April 2015, ALCS has been making payments to audiovisual authors on behalf of the Writers Digital Payments (WDP), made up of royalties accrued from the number of clicks their programmes have received on BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.

These royalties are separate from the payments ALCS members receive in the ALCS distributions in March and September. WDP is owned by the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and the Personal Managers’ Association, and ALCS generates statements and ensures payment to writers whose works have collected money. Payments range from less than £100 to several thousand, with monies accrued from the number of clicks a programme has on each platform.

If you do receive a WDP payment, it won’t be listed on your members’ area account or in your ALCS statement. Instead, these royalties will be paid out to whichever agency represented you at the time of production, unless you were a freelancer at that time. The most recent WDP payment was made in January 2021 for BBC iPlayer royalties collected for 2019, so statements relating to this payment were sent out earlier this month.

If you have any general questions about the WDP, visit the website at writersdigitalpayments.co.uk. Alternatively, if you have specific questions about your own WDP payment, contact Lynne Mendoza of WDP at lynne.mendoza@writersdigitalpayments.co.uk.