Your Guide to the Next ALCS Distribution

Our next distribution will see ALCS pay out around £12 million to over 30,000 members. Payments are expected a little later this year, reaching members on or around 3 October.


If you are, we will:

  • send an email to your registered email address to let you know your statement is ready to download
  • add a notification to your online account to let you know that there is a new statement available to download.

If you don’t receive an email and there is no notification in your online account, then you haven’t received a payment this time. It’s worth remembering that this distribution is the smaller of our two distributions and our various income streams can be received by ALCS at different times.

We’re not sending out any paper statements to members, so you’ll need to log in to your online account to access yours. If you don’t have an online account, please contact us and we can set up one for you.



Your statement will include a list of sources against each payment. See the 2019 Distribution sources guide to help you understand where the money you are due has come from.



If you are due a payment in this distribution, you will receive an email letting you know that you can download your statement.

You will find it in your account in the folder marked ‘2019-2020’ and you can either:

  • download it or
  • click to have it emailed to you as a PDF.


  1. To download your statement in PDF format click on Request Statement Download.
  2. When your statement is ready for download, the message will change to Download Statement.
  3. Click on Download Statement and your statement will download (most likely to your computer downloads folder).
  4. Alternatively, click the option that emails your statement over to you.



It’s 3 October and you haven’t received a payment or an email.

This means you weren’t due a payment this time. This is the smaller of our twice-yearly distributions so not all members will receive a payment. Check again at the time of the next distribution in March 2020.

It’s 3 October and you’ve had a statement but no money.

In the first instance, check which bank account we have sent your payment to by logging into your online account and checking your payment details. If you have recently updated your account and forgotten to tell us, then contact our membership team, who can advise you on the next steps.

It’s 3 October and you’ve been paid a lot less than usual.

There can often be fluctuations in payments, despite some members receiving similar amounts of money over a period of time. Read about why there can be fluctuations in payments here.

Still have a question? Read more FAQs here.


All online services are currently closed while we process payments. We will keep you updated on social media so please keep an eye out on our Twitter and Facebook for news.