Terms and Conditions of Membership

When you join ALCS we’ll ask you to agree with our Terms and Conditions of Membership.

Our Terms and Conditions of Membership are:

  • Your membership shall be subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society (‘the Society’) and your rights, duties and obligations as an Ordinary Member shall be governed by the Memorandum & Articles, and all rules made thereunder, as in force from time to time;
  • The Rights the Society shall be entitled to administer on your behalf in the UK and overseas are as specified in paragraph (c) of Article 7 (‘the Rights’) and may only be extended by a Special Resolution of the Company;
  • In accordance with Article 7 (d) you will have the opportunity to withdraw your works in respect of any extension to the Rights;
  • In accordance with Article 7 (i) you have the right to withdraw your authority to exercise any of the Rights granted to the Society;
  • The membership fee of £36 will be deducted from your first distribution payment;
  • You will verify your email address when asked by ALCS in order to complete your application for membership;
  • ALCS may use your email address to send you ‘essential communications’ and give you the option to ‘opt out’ of receiving our informative communications (find out more about how we use your email address here).

By signing the Terms and Conditions you agree to undertake to notify the Society of:

  • any new or additional works, and
  • any changes in your contact or payment details, residency and tax status

Article 7 (c) and the works they apply to:

(i)            the lending right;

(ii)           the reproduction right in each work;

(iii)          the private copying right;

(iv)         the right to communicate the work to the public by any means of re-transmission or rebroadcasting of the work as a simultaneous and unaltered relay of the original transmission.

(v)          the off-air recording right;

(vi)         the right to perform the work in public by means of apparatus for receiving visual images or sounds conveyed by electronic means;

(vii)        the right to communicate the work to the public by means of the satellite broadcasts of the programme services of the BBC Worldwide and others including the terrestrial retransmission thereof;

(viii)       the right to communicate the work to the public by electronic transmission, capable of or amenable to collective administration;

(ix)         the rental right;

(x)          the performing right; and

(xi)         caching, hosting or storing the work in electronic form in support of the above.


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