Contact us

The Writers' House
13 Haydon Street

Tel: 020 7264 5700
Fax: 020 7264 5755


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Chief Executive - Owen Atkinson
Deputy Chief Executive - Barbara Hayes



Common queries and which department to talk to

Trouble logging in to the Members' area? - Distribution and Membership
Question about your works? -Distribution and Membership
Interested in joining ALCS? - Membership Recruitment
VAT or Tax question? -Finance
Communications preferences - Communications
Use of the Writers' Room -Cathy Knights

Who to contact

Administration & HR - Dawn Ryan
Distribution and Membership - Alan Smith
Membership Recruitment - Colette Scourse
Communications - Alison Baxter
Finance - Neil Gillard
IT - Malcolm Wai
Policy & Planning - Richard Combes

Other contacts

Information Analyst - David Grundy
Senior Distribution and Membership Executive - De'Anne Jean-Jacques